Thursday, October 21, 2010

Early Work - 2002

I recently found the scans of my very first comic pages and character sketches for my comic File 49. I unfortunately did not make comics when I was a little kid...though I did draw. I was 25 years old when I discovered comics and severely out of practice when it came to illustrating...but this is how I started...

...oh man...i didn't even ink the panel borders...i don't know why.

After awhile I dropped the inks and wanted all my pages to be rendered only with pencil. Which this page was the first  layout I was pretty proud to show folks. Still no panel borders!?

A few months later...still using pencil and still no bloody panel borders! It's fun to see my early explorations of materials and aesthetics. I was not only trying to find my voice as a storyteller and illustrator, but trying to combine all the elements it takes to be a comics creator...and it took me awhile to find my stride.

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