Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Gang - Trading Cards

I've recently started creating trading card size (2.5" x 3.5") drawings of various characters...my own and characters that are not my own. The exercise of trying to capture the likeness of people/characters you've never drawn before is a bit of a challenge...not just in the facial features but the clothes, the expression, the attitude. It's a great way to flex the ol' drawing muscles. I think this going to be a trend I follow through 2011. More on that in the near future...as I've got several to share already.

But first...Here is the Ghosts of Pineville Gang: Hank, Chopper, Glory, Lucy, Doris, and J.T.

I like the way they are all looking at the same thing...and it must be horrifying.

Strathmore Bristol makes packs of 20 trading cards are that ridiculously cheap at DickBlick...and come in a variety of paper types. I've just been using the smooth Bristol...as it suits the pencil and ink fine and it's what I use on my normal comic pages. Eventually I would like to explore the watercolor paper...though I don't consider myself a painter. It could be fun! But like I said...more on this new little project in the near future.

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