Monday, April 11, 2011

Last minute revisions

I've managed to make excellent progress on the book. I now have up to page 79 penciled and inked. Now the story has always been 80 pages. The draft has told me this from the start. But as I crept closer and closer to the very last page it became clear it needed something....else.

It needed a better ending.

I've taken a few days to think about it. How could the story's theme and the character's growth be better summed up? Well, I think I've come up with it and I'm super pleased. It's such a perfect note (the one I've known, in the back of my mind, is the cornerstone of this entire series)...I can't believe I had to struggle so hard to see it clearly. But these are the things you learn along the way, i suppose.

The story for Book Two is now 2 pages longer than originally planned. 2 pages made the difference (to me). So, I'm excited to jump right in and start with what will be the last pages of the book! wow.

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