Thursday, April 21, 2011

Prepping the book for print.

Oh my gosh! I've finished Book 2! It is all penciled, inked, halftoned & lettered...even the fun, extra pages! All 86 pages. Now it is going through a second round of proofing. What I mean is after reading through for grammar and spelling mistakes I've handed it off to a trusted source for another couple reads. Believe me...IT IS SO EASY to miss those little things. When my first book went to print...I not only proofed it but gave the comic to 2 others. Still...after I had the tangible book in my hand...I found 2 more mistakes (which are now corrected). I'm trying to learn, be patient and diligent with the proofing stage. I'm just WAY excited to see the book in print!

This proofing process is working a little differently than in the past. Before I would print out each page to hand to whoever was helping me edit. It would take a lot of time...and a lot of paper. But now...we are truly living in the future! I laid out the book out in InDesign, created a PDF, (a process I would do anyway in this day of digital downloads) added the book to my iPad and gave that to my editors. Now, I highly trust the people who help me proof so I have no problem handing over my iPad for a few days. But you should always have trust in your proofers, right?

After a couple weeks of reading and re-reading the book I will be taking it to Ka-Blam to be printed. Ka-Blam is a Print On Demand service that allows us authors to print books without investing a ton of money in a ton of books. And they do a fabulous job! They've printed many jobs for me! The Ghosts of Pineville series is printed 6" x 9" and though this is considered a custom size for Ka-Blam...they have always printed perfectly.


So, while I patiently proof The Ghosts of Pineville - Book 2 I will start penciling pages on the mini comic I'm creating for the Art & Story Mini Comics Dump Truck! These will be my 2 major comics projects for 2011.

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