Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This week - 8 years ago

It was this very week, 8 years ago, that I declared I wanted to make comics!

I remember because it was the week after my 2nd wedding anniversary. We had spent the weekend in Washington DC doing the tourist thing, but it was the long, 10 hour drive that solidified the decision. I spent 20 hours looking at passing scenery and mentally writing the story that would be my first comic: File 49. At the end of our drive I said aloud, to a very surprised husband, that I wanted to draw a comic. Up to this point I was not an illustrator. I did not draw or sketch and had never (before this) expressed interest in drawing. And...I didn't read comics. This is perhaps the reason my husband's first response to my declaration was "Why?". At the time I was offended by his reaction, but looking back I understand. I graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts a couple years before this...from a university where comics and cartoon illustration weren't considered "high art". This is why I was met with similar reactions from artist friends when I shared (what I thought) was very exciting news. 

I've started drawing a comic!

What kind of comic?

Science-Fiction, Drama, Adventure!!


All I knew was that I wanted to tell stories...and comics suddenly felt like the puzzle piece I had been missing for so long. The entire week after our trip (this week 8 years ago) I did nothing but DRAW (And listen to Interpol's - Turn on the Bright Lights...which listening to that album now still fills me with the same excitement I felt then). It was amazing...and challenging...and I was surprisingly horrible. I didn't know what I was doing, what tools to use, how to set up a page, letter, ink...Not to mention I had no drawing skills. So, my style was nonexistent! But by the end of the week I had 5 finished pages (that I redrew a year later).

The point being...I'm still doing comics! I still love it. I mean...LOVE IT! And today what seemed to be an awkward & sudden declaration doesn't seem so strange because I meant every word. I want to make comics!

ps. I don't think it's a coincidence that Interpol's 4th album was released today. A small reminder of how exciting things can be.

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