Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Intro Penciled

Totally inspired by meeting with fellow, local comic artist Megan, I've managed to pencil my entire intro for the second book...all 9 pages! It felt good. I felt focused. And I'm really pleased with how they came out.

Over the last couple years I've written all my stories in 3 parts: the Set-up, the Climax, the Resolution. Pretty standard stuff. Plus, it helps me organize story flow from synopsis to final script. For the Ghosts of Pineville stories I've started to include short intros. Their jobs being to place the characters situation and environment...and subtly touch on their upcoming struggles.

I think I will go ahead and ink this batch of pencils before moving on to pencil Part 1 of the story. I will update the post with inks when they are finished.

Along with perspective work on the first page being a struggle for me...I've thrown in some other elements that are out of my normal, comfort zone to draw......for the intro it was a pack of dogs. But again, I'm pleased with how their appearance turned out.

Super jazzed. Super motivated to continue making progress!

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