Friday, September 24, 2010

Revisions & some Finished Pages!

While penciling Part One of the story I'm also scanning, halftoning and lettering the Intro. I made the mistake with the first book to wait until all the pages were inked to start halftoning...and man, that was too much halftoning at one go. 60 pages at once? No thanks. This time around, I'm going to intermingle halftoning with other steps of the process so it won't be so cumbersome at the end. Here are a few panels that are ready for the book! (I know, no words. You have to wait for that.)

Tools: Epson Scanner Photo 1660, Adobe Photoshop, & Adobe Illustrator

Another inevitable step of the comic-making process...the editing! As I'm coming to pages of the written script to thumbnail and pencil...I'm discovering things that I want to change; things that I think will strengthen the theme of the story. This is my rewrite. It occurs on the page, as hand-written notes and dialogue. As the tangible script is what I'll use to letter the pages...not the digital Word document.

I'm moving right along with with the pencils of Part One...currently penciling page 16!


  1. I love the textures in your half-tones, Sarah! The glow of the fire is great, as is the way that you so naturally capture how the light it casts would hit the kids. The owl in panel two made me smile- I can't wait to talk with you soon! It sounds like you're really rolling through these (smart call on inking and toning together- I hadn't even thought about how easy it would be to burn out if they were done separately, one at a time...). When you say that you letter your pages with the tangible script instead of the Word Document, how do you mean?

  2. Thanks Megan! What I mean about lettering is that I don't copy dialogue from my Word doc & paste it into Photoshop. I use my paper script and type all the dialogue from scratch. This might seem like a silly step to point out...but I use Copy & Paste on my computer A, not using it when lettering my comic seems significant (to me).